Garage Assistant GA4 - Online Booking System

Online Booking System for Garage Assistant

The online booking system is an add-on module for Garage Assistant that allows you to offer your customers a flexible and simple way to book an appointment on your website.

The online booking system is tightly integrated with Garage Assistant so your customers can only book a date and time that's actually available. This makes it extremely convenient for both you and your customer. There are even more benefits, especially if your a mobile technician, such as helping to reduce phone calls for bookings and saving time searching and agreeing on a suitable time with your customer.

The booking system is available as either pay as you go, using GA4 Credit's or you can purchase a 6-12 month subscription, whichever you find more suitable.

Its simple for both you and your customers

We have designed the system so it can be integrated into your own website very easily, with a variety of options for customising it to suite your requirements.

You can see further examples of our online booking system on a demonstration website.. 
This can be viewed at

You can now also integrate the online booking system into Facebook for additional exposure.
Take a look at our example Facebook page with online booking.


The online garage booking system can be customised to fit your requirements, you can add a number of different services (its not just for MOT booking), each service can have its own number of consecutive booking slots (bays)  times and days available.

For example, you could set up:
  • MOT Test - with 2 consecutive slots (bays)
  • Available Mon - Fri from 9am to 5pm and Sat from 10am to 1pm
  • You can add as many timeslots as required, with individual intervals.

Next You could set up:
  • Service - with 1 bay
  • Available Mon - Fri from 9am to 5pm not weekends.
  • You can add as many timeslots as required, with individual intervals.

You can also customise the look of the booking system, with various icons and colour themes available, allowing it to feel at home on your own website or Facebook page.