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ViewArticle: GA4: New & Improved Features

GA4: New & Improved Features
New features which have been added and improved within GA4.

ViewArticle: Upgrading to GA4 from GA3 or GA2

Upgrading to GA4 from GA3 or GA2
Step by step by guide for upgrading to GA4 from earlier versions

ViewArticle: Customising Your Document Templates

Customising Your Document Templates
You can add your own letterhead within Garage Assistant very easily, please have a read through the following information for different types of letterheads which can be setup to make sure that you get the best out of your GA4 system

ViewArticle: Reminder Templates

Reminder Templates
You can add as many reminder templates as you like and they can all be sent via different methods.

ViewArticle: Sage Exports

Sage Exports
The following guide explains how to export your records from GA4 for use with Sage.

ViewArticle: User Preferences

User Preferences
User preferences are used to set your own individual choices on how some things are when you the user logs in. These preferences are for the person logged in only and do not effect any other users, so you could all have your own preferences set.

ViewArticle: Advanced Search

Advanced Search
GA4 Advanced search techniques and information.

ViewArticle: How to Fix PDF / Email Attachment Issues - Error (-30) (-20)

How to Fix PDF / Email Attachment Issues - Error (-30) (-20)
After upgrading or updating Windows you may find saving as PDF, Email Attachments and Print Preview no longer works as expected and comes up with a not printer not activated -30 (or similar) error.