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Garage Assistant GA4 - Free Trial Version

We believe that you should have sufficient time in your busy schedule to evaluate whether or not Garage Assistant® GA4 is suitable for your business needs, as such, there are no time restrictions in the free trial version, although there are some limitations, such as a watermark on documents and a limit on the number of records you can store.

GA4 is a standalone offline system for use on a single PC.

Trial Version Downloads

Note: If you have purchased a licence for Garage Assistant, please download the full version from your Account area (top right) instead of the trial version below.

GA4 Login Details (Trial Version):

GA4 requires you to login to use the system. There are 3 example accounts set up by default, each account has various access privileges defined, either allowing or preventing access to certain features, to give you an idea of what is possible, of course, this is completely customisable.

  • The Admin account password is: Admin
  • The General account password is: Staff
  • The Restricted account password is: Staff2

System Requirements

Supported Operating Systems for GA4
Hardware Requirements

Windows 11  
Windows 10  
Windows 8.1
Windows 8
Windows 7  (Required Service Pack 1)

CPU: 2.5 GHz or faster with multi-core processor
RAM: 8 GB minimum
Architecture: 32 / 64-Bit versions available

Arm processors are not supported.
*Garage Assistant may work, but some functionality may be limited, specifically we are aware that saving PDF's or attaching PDF's to emails does not work.

GA4 is only compatible with the operating systems major versions listed above
The software may also work on future major versions, but should be considered as not technically supported until verified and listed above.