Garage Assistant GA4 - Software with Simplicity.

Garage Assistant GA4 - Key Features

Garage Assistant is our complete garage management software, designed to assist in the every day running of your garage / workshop, from taking bookings or raising estimates and invoices to sending periodic reminders and statements.

GA4 is an offline / standalone system, all data is stored locally on your own machines leaving you in complete control, with no monthly or yearly fees.  However, you can still take advantage of online services, such as Email, SMS messaging, Registration Lookup, Tech Data lookups and Automatic software updates, but a persistent internet connection is not required.

Below are some of the key features available in Garage Assistant GA4.

Professional Invoices, Estimates, Job Sheets and Statements

Garage Assistant allows you to create a variety of documents such as Estimates, Job sheets, Invoices, Policy Excess Invoices, Credit Notes and Statements. GA4 also allows you to customise the document templates by including your own letter head / footer images, logos and even watermarks, giving you more control over the final presentation of your documents

Customer Management and Communication

GA4 allows you to keep track of your account customers, produce statements, view charts showing the customers spending over the year and more. The customer profile area also provides access to view owned vehicles, customer history and provides the ability to communicate via email, sms or by printing promotional materials..

Appointments and Scheduling

The appointments / schedule system in Garage Assistant GA4 allows you to quickly create and manage appointments using drag and drop. You can enter as much or as little information as required against the appointment, such as the vehicle registration, make, model and customer details.

Reminders and Mass Mailings

GA4 allows you to easily send your customer's reminders, such as when their MOT test / service is due. These can be printed for posting, sent by email directly within GA4 or sent by SMS message (an optional service). You can also perform advanced searches of your data to select appropriate customers for a variety of mass mailings such as targetted promotions or special offers

Stock Control / Inventory Management

The stock control system in GA4 has numerous options for customisation and can be used whether you track/hold stock or not. Finding items in stock is a breeze, with an arrangement of search options including keyword search, category, manufacturer, supplier or a combination of these.

Order Management

The stock order management allows you to keep track of what parts have been ordered, what you still need to order and also helps manage your stock quantities. When receiving stock items, you can also have GA4 create an expense records automatically.

Powerful Searching, find information fast

Using the quick search functionality, you can quickly search in a single field across multiple record types, including Estimates, Invoices, Job sheets, Customer Records, Vehicle Records and appointments.  Looking for something more specific, the advanced search facility gives you access to a more detailed/refined search system.

Employee Database

In GA4 you can store information related to your employees, providing access to specified user accounts only. You can keep a record of emergency contacts, training information, contract periods and more.

Flexible & Customisable

GA4 allows you to customise the system to suite your business needs, with a wide range of options from letter heads & logos to renaming of individual fields/labels, such as changing VAT to TAX or MOT to NCT, along with specifying your own tax rates, payment methods etc. Each user can also customise the UI's color scheme, choice of home screen and more based on their preferences

Send your Sales Data to Sage Accounting Software

GA4 contains the facility to export your data for use within various SAGE products and has been tested on various UK editions of Sage, support for non-uk versions have not been tested and may not be supported.
Transferring the data is straight forward and requires very little effort on your part.

Some Sage products may not be compatible, for a full list of compatible products, please see the following article: Compatible Sage Products

Export your Data in CSV Format

GA4 contains functionality to export your data in CSV format, for use within various third party products. You can customise the export by selecting which fields you require for each table of data, such as Documents, Customers, Vehicles and Stock
Please see the following articles:

Custom Accounts Exports
CSV Exports

Effortless Updates

We regularly provide free updates containing new features and improvements to Garage Assistant. When an update is released, a notification will appear within the software allowing you to view all the changes and perform the update at a time that is convenient to you, all with the simple click of a button.

Optional Online Services

Garage Assistant GA4 also provides access to a variety of optional online services, available contract free on a pay as you go basis using credit packs. GA4 Credits are available to purchase in a variety of bundles and do not expire. Pricing can be seen at the bottom of the purchase page.   These services currently include: Online Booking, SMS Messaging, VRM Lookup service and E3 Technical Data.  However, PostcodeAnywhere requires an account with PCA Predict directly.

Online Booking (Optional Service)

The online booking system allows you to offer your customers a flexible and simple way to book an appointment on your website or facebook page, linked directly with Garage Assistant, your customers can only book the date/times you have available. Alongside the pay as you go option we also offer a 6 or 12 months subscription, whichever you find more suitable. Additional Info & Examples

SMS Messaging (Optional Service)

Garage Assistant GA4 allows you to send SMS messages directly to your customers using a simple interface with the option of customisable presets for common messages. The SMS system can also be used for sending customer reminders.

Vehicle Registration Mark Lookup - UK Only (Optional Service)

Garage Assistant GA4 allows you to perform vehicle registration lookups for vehicles registered in the UK, giving you access to accurate information about the vehicle. This includes information such as VIN Number, Engine Code, Engine Number and much more.

E3 Technical Data - UK Only (Optional Service)

GA4 provides integrated access to E3 Technical, giving you access to OE equivalent data such as Repair Times, Service Schedules, Technical Documents, Drawings, Wiring diagrams, Diagnostic Information and more. Additional Info & Screenshots

Integration with Loqate - UK Only (External Service)

GA4 allows you to connect your existing Loqate account (formerly PostCode Anywhere), giving you access to accurate address lookup from the customers postal code directly within GA4.

  • Integration is compatible with street level data (not premise level)
  • Available licences include Full UK and Regional Data.

For additional information and licencing, please visit Loqate's website