Information about Garage Assistant GA3

Garage Assistant GA3 - Software with Simplicity

Garage Assistant GA3 is our complete garage management software, designed to assist in the every day running of your garage / workshop, from raising estimates and invoices to sending reminders and statements. Read on for more details of what Garage Assistant GA3 can do for you.

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Appointments made easy

The appointments / diary system in Garage Assistant GA3 allows you to quickly create and manage appointments using drag and drop. You can enter as much or as little information as you require against the appointment, including the vehicle registration, make, model and customer details.

Professional Invoices, Estimates and Statements

Garage Assistant allows you to create a variety of documents such as Estimates, Job sheets, Pro Forma Invoices, Policy Excess Invoices, Credit Notes and Statements GA3 also allows you to customise the document templates by including your own letter head images / logos, footer images and even a watermark style image, giving you more control over the final presentation of your documents

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Powerful Searching, Find information fast

Using the new quick search, you can type in keywords into a single search box and GA3 will search across your database for Estimates, Invoices, Job sheets, Customer Records, Vehicle Records and appointments in a few seconds providing you with a list of the most recent matches. From here, you can go directly to the record you require.


Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM) Lookup

Garage Assistant GA3 allows you to perform vehicle registration mark lookups, giving you access to accurate information about the vehicle. Including Chassis Numbers, Engine Codes and Engine Numbers. What's more, this service does not require a subscription. Our Vehicle Registration Lookup service works on a pay as you go basis, you simply top up with VRM Credits as and when you require them, directly from within the garage software.


Stock Control / Inventory Management

The stock control system in GA3 allows you to add items whether you wish to track the quantities or not, which allows you to use it for a typing aid if you don't hold stock. Finding items in stock is a breeze, with an arrangement of search options including keyword search, category, manufacturer, supplier or a combination of these. You can even specify an option to show only items which are currently available.

Order Management

The stock order management allows you to keep track of what parts have been ordered, what you still need to order and also helps manage your stock quantities. When receiving stock items, you can also have GA3 create an expense record from the same screen

Employee Database

Have you ever spent a considerable amount of time trying to find where you wrote down your employee's home phone number, or trying to remember what date they started working for you? In GA3 you can securely store this information in an employee database. You can keep a record of emergency contacts, training information, contract periods and more.

Customer Management

GA3 allows you to keep track of your account customers, produce statements, view charts showing the customers spending over the year and more. The customer profile screen allows you to view all vehicles owned by that customer, all the invoices you have produced and produce statements, even if they do not hold an account.

Reminders and Mailshot's

GA3 allows you to easily send your customer's reminders, such as when their MOT test / service is due. These can be sent by printed for use in window envelopes, sent by email or sent by SMS text message. You can also search and select from your customer database to send various other mail-shot's such as special promotions, which can be printed or emailed.

Integration with Postcode Anywhere Web Services

GA3 has built in integration to PostcodeAnywhere, giving you access to accurate address lookup from the customers postal code.

  • Integration is compatible with street level data (not premise level)
  • Available licences include Full UK and Regional Data.

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Send your Sales Data to Sage Accounting Software

GA3 also contains the facility to transfer your sales records to SAGE accounting systems and has been tested on various UK editions of sage, support for non-uk versions have not been tested and may not be supported.

Transferring the data is straight forward and requires very little effort on your part.

  • Sage for Dos
  • Sage Instant Accounts
  • Sage Line 50
  • Sage 50 Financial Controller
  • All current versions of Sage 50 are also compatible

Transfer your data from Unipart Kis / Direct / GM Pro

GA3 now allows you to transfer your own data from Unipart's Kis / Direct software products. You don't have to send your data anywhere You don't have to wait for it to be converted, minimising downtime You can do it all in-house on your own computer It doesn't matter if Uniparts software has timed-out or expired, our migration tools still work

There are no fees / charges to pay for the transfer and there's no obligation to purchase our software! We have designed the process to be as simple as possible, with just a few clicks of your mouse you can convert your data in no time at all.

Even if you are unsure if GA3 is right for you, our free conversion utility is included in the Trial Version, so you can evaluate GA3 with your own data. Heres how easy it is :

  1. Download the Free Trial Version (Included with the windows version only)
  2. Log in using Admin / Admin Click on Admin (top right)
  3. Click on Unipart Data Transfer Wizards (bottom right)
  4. Choose between Kis or Direct
  5. Click on step one, choose your data folder and let GA3 take care of the rest.

If you experience any issues using the migration tools, please feel free to give us a call.

Please note, Kis Online variations are not supported at this time

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