Remote Support Download

Remote Support (Teamviewer)

To enable us to help resolve any issues you may be having, we use a remote support program called TeamViewer. This allows us to take temporary control of your computer as if we where sat in front of it to provide help and assistance. We are only able to connect when you have the Remote Support tool running and provide the ID to our team.

Once downloaded, you will need to open SWS Remote Support and provide us with an ID number which will be shown on screen. It can take a few moments for this number to display.

For security of your system, please ensure that you are confident that it is an employee of SWS Solutions (UK) Ltd you are dealing with before providing access to your system for support with Garage Assistant.

Already using TeamViewer

If you already have / use TeamViewer within your company, our support module will not work unless you close your existing copy of TeamViewer.

This is preferred because our remote support module matches the version of Teamviewer we are running, which is always the latest version..